Looking for something new and exciting? Buchanan is currently seeking out drivers throughout the US. Discover why owner-operators love to drive for Buchanan! Pay is consistent, accurate, and prompt. The Buchanan team is friendly and easy to work with. Find your future as an owner operator for Buchanan Hauling and Rigging.Buchanan hiring locations for drivers

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  2. 100 % of fuel surcharge, tarping, and stop charges passed on to owner operator.
  3. Payroll is directly deposited into your bank account weekly.
  4. Scan your Bills of Ladings from truck stops or by smartphone app
  5. Comdata fuel cards with $300.00 cash advance weekly
  6. Company-paid cargo and liability insurance
  7. No Charge for trailers
  8. We use Samsera in all trucks. This will be installed during orientation.
  9. Smart Drive free of charge and optional
  10. Contractor revenue: 
    1. Tractor Only - 68% of the Gross Line Haul with Buchanan’s van, flatbed, or step-deck trailer.
    2. Tractor Only - 65% of the Gross Line Haul with Buchanan’s trailer (other than van, flatbed, or step-deck i.e., double drop, multiple axles of 3 or more, stretch trailers, etc.)
    3. Tractor and Trailer - 75% of the Gross Line Haul


Cost Price Frequency
Base Plate Program $45.00 (Weekly, unless you have your own)
Heavy Haul Plate $47.50 (Weekly)
Escrow Account $100.00 (Weekly for 20 Weeks)
IFTA Fuel Taxes $15.00* (Weekly)
IRS 2290 $10.58 (Weekly)
Trippak/Transflo $5.00 (Weekly)
Administrative Fee $5.00 (Weekly)
Total - $180.85

*every 90 days a report is provided if you purchased enough fuel in the states in which you traveled your fuel tax escrow is refunded

Insurance costs:

  1. Physical Damage – 4.39% of insured value, then divide by 52 for weekly deduction
  2. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - $3.50 (Weekly)
  3. Bobtail/Non-Trucking - $8.00 per week deduction. This coverage is required.
  4. Occupational Accident Insurance - $33.46 per week deduction. This coverage is required.
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Want to work for Buchanan? Here is what you need

  1. At least 2 years of verifiable experience with a class A CDL
  2. Tractor must pass DOT Inspection and have an electronic engine with an ECM to be eligible to be added to our fleet.

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